January 18, 2009

Truth or Fashion by Chloe walsh

Your daily fashion Q may be: What's a girl to wear? But at Couture magazine in Manhattan, four glittering interns have even bigger things to worry about. Someone's leaking Couture's trendsetting secrets—and the in-style intrigue doesn't end there.
Hot new designer Callie is feeling the haute couture heat.
Aynsley is fashion's new It Girl . . . and too cool to care.
Nadine has a jaw-dropping look—but she's on the edge of out.
Ava is hiding much more than a few knockoffs in her closet!
Sounds like the interns need fashion therapy! Lucky for them, the Fashionista blog is serving up some mind-blowing style potions, with a sweet supply of garment-industry gossip. Get ready for some knockdown drama in Prada.

I really loved this book it easy to get into and I loved the characters they are great and easy to relate to.

January 11, 2009

I finally Joined

I have been following a couple peoples book blogs. And I finally decided to Make my own. I am so excited to join. Now Let me tell you a little about myself.
Name- Megan
Age- 14
Grade- 8
State- Wisconsin
Likes- Reading, swimming, and traveling
dislikes- Liars, football,soccer and homework
Favoite Series- Secrets of My Hollywood Life, Magic in Manhatten, Twilight, The Clique, and Many More