May 30, 2009

Poseur by Rachel Maude

po·seur (noun): a person who pretends to be what he or she is not.Charlotte Beverwil, Janie Farrish, Melissa Moon, and Petra Greene attend exclusive Winston Prep in the Hollywood Hills. And that's all they have in common. But hang out together? They'd rather be hanged. Borrow one another's clothes? They'd sooner borrow a zit. So when these four sophomores are forced into a class to create their own fashion label, they Clash with a capital C. Janie thinks Melissa and Charlotte are Beverly Hills brats. They dismiss Janie as a Valley rat in sheep's clothing. And Petra, well . . . Petra couldn't care less. Can a cool coquette, a shy punk, a hippie goddess, and a ghettoglam egomaniac make beautiful couture together? At Winston Prep, survival of the fittest comes down to who fits in-and what fits.

This book I have to say was okay I liked more than I disliked. I t was a little hard to get into but after that I liked ithe characters were a little fake. They were all very different the only one I think that actually sounded somewhat read was Janie but she was still a little weird. The other characters were a little naggy and expected everything to be given to them. I like dthe book but I wasn't wowed by it. I was actually expecting more but it didn't really happen.

I read Good Fab and the Fabulous and liked that way better and will give this series another chance.

I hate the cover who would actually in real life wear those clothes. The colors are wierd and there are four main girls but only three are on the cover.

3.5 out of 5

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