June 07, 2009

It's Almost Summer (for me)

I get out of school on Tuesday. Yay I am finally graduating from eighth grade. Since I go to a small school we have a ceremony and everything. But I am scared to start high school for a couple reasons. I have been with almost my whole class of 12 kids for 9 years (except 4 people) so we are all really close and know like everything about eachother we even call ourselves a dysfunctional family. I have to go a really big school where there are two floors and way bigger than my school right now. We have 4 classrooms we go to throughtout the day. I scared for lunch because I don't know many kids in the school so I don't know who I will sit by I will probaly sit by my class right now or at least I hope so.
Summer comes for me Thursady because we have a class trip Thursday. But over the June and July I am being forced to go to health class instead of taking it next year. But I get credits for it so yay. But I feel like I will be wasteing away my summer sitting at the high school for 4 hours. I have to ride the summer school bus there since my mom can't take me. So I will to sit for a 1.5 hours doing nothing so I think I will read then and catch up my huge pile of books.
For vacation this summer we might go to Niagara Falls so that's all I planned to do this summer. So what are you doing this summer?

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