July 10, 2009

100 Books Read This Year!!!!

Yes I have read a hundred books this year. I know if you read my list of books I have this year it says 120 but I am just excited to read 100.
At the end of last year I had decided I wanted to count the number of books I read this year. I then fell in love with some blogs (the first blog was The Book Reader) (Which I found in October on a google search for books to read) (she was the main rason I decided to start blogging). And decided to create my own on I think January 20 or around that time. I then thought I should keep track on there. At first it was 100 but then I saw The Book Reader again and saw hers was 120 and changed mine to that.
I never thought I could read 120 in a year but I guess I can. And next year will definetly push myself to over 200.
Question?????? : Would it be wierd to change my list to like 200 or 175 this late in the year.
And my goal like 3 months was to get 100 by July 2nd (halfway through the year) and I was so upset (not really) whenI had read 98.
I like to also know how many book I have read each month if you noticed that you see many colors on my list.


Anonymous said...

Call me strange, but I am going for 200 this year.

Hillary said...

Awe! I'm so glad you like my blog!

You're way ahead of me. I only have 53 books read this year so far. I've been slacking recently!

And I think you should definitely go for 200 books! You'll look really smart and you can brag about it.