July 26, 2009

I got a new bookshelf

When my grandma was at my house last month she brought me a bookshelf that used to belong to the library she works out. It was this really weird dark purple color. So finally last weekend me and my dad painted it a very light blue since it's not going in my room but a hallway and under a window it had to be light and nuetral color. And today I finaaly made time to put put all the loose books on my floor and my immediate to read pile on it. And it almost full already. It's not the biggest bookshlef just 3 shelves if you include the bottom. But I am excited to get a new one.

Another story about bookshelves. So last year my dad made each me and my brother a bookshelf however we wanted it and would at least fit our rooms. I chose a 5 shelf one and is wide but not deep. I basically have that full well 3.5 shelves it. I have one shelf where I keep things like jewelry and other nick knacks. I am just shocked that I have like almost two full bookshelves which is little compared to some blogers but is a lot to me.

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Taschima Cullen said...

I have two bookshelves, and they are both almost full. One is for my read books, and the other is for the To Be Read books. lol They are filled equally hahaha

I wish to have a giant bookshelf. In fact, a room only for the comfort of reading.