July 26, 2009

Library Loot (3)

This week I got I think 5 books.

Hancock Park by Isabel Kaplan

Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen

Fashionistas by Chloe Walsh

Truth or Fashion by Chloe Walsh

Juicy Secrets by Victoria Ashton

I have already read Fashionistas,Truth or Fasion and Juicy Secrets. I read Juicy Secrets and loved it and wanted to reread it. I read both book by Chlow Walsh but i wanted to reread them I don't know why. I read Truth or Fashion this year and wrote a review in January. Since I don't know how to a link (will someone please tell me) here is the URL. It happens to be my second post and my first ever review. So it's not the best.


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Kristen said...

Lots of great books. I <3 the library.