July 19, 2009

Which Cover do you like better????

I was searching through Barnesandnoble.com and found the paperback for Living Dead Girl By Elizabeth Scott and I want to know which you like better. The paperback comes out September 8 if you want to know.



I like them both. I love the dress and the leaves it leaves this vibe that I you don't know about. And the paperback is so simple and really leaves me wondering what is this about and it seems very mysterious. So I like them both and don't know which ones better.

Which One Do You Like Better??????

I decided to put another set of cover in here. I don't like either one but I want to know what tou think.



I really don't like either cover. The paperbook looks weird, like her legs all discombonulated. And the hardcover it just looks plan weird.

Which Do You Like Better????

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Genevieve said...

I like both hardcovers better. The E Scott hardcover is so much more creepier than the bow. And It's difficult to tell that it's a smushed fairy with the how to ditch your fairy paperback.