August 31, 2009

Slept Away by Julie Kraut

Laney Parker is a city girl through and through. For her, summertime means stepping out of her itchy gray school uniform and into a season of tanning at rooftop swimming pools, brunching at sidewalk cafes, and—as soon as the parents leave for the Hamptons—partying at her classmates’ apartments.But this summer Laney’s mother has other plans for Laney. It’s called Camp Timber Trails and rustic doesn’t even begin to describe the un-air-conditioned log cabin nightmare. Laney is way out of her element—the in-crowd is anything but cool, popularity seems to be determined by swimming skills, and the activities seem more like boot camp than summer camp.Splattered with tie dye fall out, stripped of her cell, and going through Diet Coke withdrawal, Laney is barely hanging on. Being declared the biggest loser of the bunk is one thing, but when she realizes her summer crush is untouchably uncrushable in the real world, she starts to wonder, can camp cool possibly translate to cool cool? Summer camp might just turn this city girl’s world upside down!
This book was definetly a cute light summer read. It was not my favorite campy type book. It had your typical mean girls and a camp crush but they weren't put together or something right.
The plot was good but kind of predictable. And the ending wasn't that good.
The characters were ok too. Laney was good but complained a lot but she did have a little sense of humor. And all the rest were ok.
I was actually expecting a better book and was kinda dissapointed.
3 out 5 stars

August 26, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday (8)

This Week's Pick.............The Mark by Jen Nadol

Releases Date January 19, 2010

Sixteen-year old Cassie Renfield has seen the mark since forever: a glow around certain people as if a candle were held behind their back.
The only time she pointed it out taught her she shouldn’t do it again, so Cassie has kept quiet, considering its rare appearances odd, but insignificant. Until she watches a man die. Mining her memories, Cassie realizes she can see a person’s imminent death. Not how or where, only when: today.
Cassie searches her past, her philosophy lessons, even her new boyfriend for answers, always careful to hide her secret. How does the mark work? Why her? Most importantly, if you know today is someone’s last, should you tell?
This sounds really good. It sounds like a lot of books coming out lately but it still sounds really good.
I wish I had a copy

Living Your Five

A couple of awesome authors have created this thing called Living You Five way of life. Its a lot about what differnces you can make in the world and a few other things. Check it out here

Oh and they have a cool quote

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."~ Mahatma Gandhi

August 25, 2009

The Geek Girl's Guide To Cheerleading by Charity Tahmaseb and Darcy Vance

When Bethany–self-proclaimed geek girl–makes the varsity cheerleading squad, she realizes that there’s one thing worse than blending in with the lockers: getting noticed. She always felt comfortable as part of the nerd herd, but being a member of the most scrutinized group in her school is weighing her down like a ton of textbooks.
Even her Varsity Cheerleading Guide can’t answer the really tough questions, like:
How do you maintain some semblance of dignity while wearing an insanely short skirt?
What do you do when the head cheerleader spills her beer on you at your first in-crowd party?
And how do you know if your crush likes you for your mind or your … pom-poms?
One thing’s for sure: It’s going to take more than brains for this girl genius to cheer her way to the top of the pyramid.
I thought This book was ok. The plot was good. But I think the characters were weird and there was a few too many.
Ok about the characters. Bethany to me was kinda annoying and naggy. She seemed to complain too much about cheerleading and the uniforms and everything else. And she magically gets the best basketball player to fall for her. Not Real even if you are a geek turn cheerleader. I think there were to many guy charcters I got them confused to much.
The plot was pretty good and seemed to progress pretty well.
Overallt I liked the book but was just not a huge fan of the characters
4 out 5

August 23, 2009

In My Mailbox (14)

I didn't get anything last week and didn't get anything this week until yesterday when I bought 3 books.I was at a bookstore and ther were like 20 books I wanted.

Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors

When Katrina spots a homeless guy sleeping in the alley behind her grandmother's coffee shop, she decides to leave him a cup of coffee, a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans, and some pastries to tide him over. Little does she know that this random act of kindness is about to turn her life upside down. Because this adorable vagrant, Malcolm, is really a guardian angel on a break between missions. And he won't leave until he can reward Katrina's selflessness by fulfilling her deepest desire. Now if only she could decide what that might be . . .

This looks really cute.And I love the cover it is super cute. And I have this is really good.

Face Value by Taryn Bell

Get ready to enter a world of high-fashion and high-drama with a fabulous new fiction series inspired by the hit TV show America's Next Top Model!

ALEXIS: With my red curls and blue eyes, I may seem like just another shy small-town girl. But I have some serious secrets up my sleeve.

CHLOE: I’ve inherited my supermodel mom’s looks, and everyone expects me to follow in her Jimmy Choos. The catch? My wildest dreams have nothing to do with a runway.

LINDSAY: Just call me the comeback kid. I used to be a celeb, but my star power dimmed. Now, I’m hoping that my beauty, brains, and a little bit of backstabbing will make me famous again.

SHIVA-ROSE: As the exotic international girl, I’ve got mystery working in my favor. But will a crush on the wrong guy threaten my shot at winning?

This sounds like my type of book. But I didn't find any reviews so I don't know what it's like. I am not a big fan of any of the covers in this series.

Eye Candy by Taryn Bell

The five girls from Book One are back, and this time there are boys involved. The competition heats up, and so do the crushes. On top of that secrets are revealed, including the fact that one of the competitors has already been kicked out of three different schools. If she can't make it this time, there won't be another chance, but will her efforts to save the world get in the way? Or can this free-spirit settle down and do what needs to be done?
Includes exclusive content from America's Next Top Model: an insider's view of a fashion shoot, tips for keeping cool when the pressure is on, how to deal with not getting the assignment, and much more all from former contestants and winners on the show!

This is the second book in the series. I don't like this cover either. But the books still look good.

August 22, 2009

I found Ash At A Store

I had to go Barnes and Noble while we up in Milwaukee (which is the closest I can get to a book store about 30 minutes away). While I found Ash which sounds super good.

I didn't get a copy because I hate buying hardcovers even though I bought one. And hardcovers are kinda expensive. And I didn't pay for the books my dad did but I hate oweing money to him so I only bought 3 books.

August 20, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday (7)

Sorry This is a day late my copy and paste would not work yesterday

This Week's Pick........... Viola In Real Life by Adriana Trigiani

I'm marooned.

Left to rot in boarding school . . .
Viola doesn't want to go to boarding school, but somehow she ends up at an all-girls school in South Bend, Indiana, far, far away from her home in Brooklyn, New York. Now Viola is stuck for a whole year in the sherbet-colored sweater capital of the world.
There's no way Viola's going to survive the year—especially since she has to replace her best friend Andrew with three new roommates who, disturbingly, actually seem to like it there. She resorts to viewing the world (and hiding) behind the lens of her video camera.
Boarding school, though, and her roommates and even the Midwest are nothing like she thought they would be, and soon Viola realizes she may be in for the most incredible year of her life.
But first she has to put the camera down and let the world in.

This just looks really good and is another type of book I love.

I really wish I had a copy.

August 15, 2009

Secrets Of Truth And Beauty by Megan Frazer

When Dara Cohen was little, she was a bright, shiny star. She was the cutest seven-year-old who ever sang Ella Fitzgerald, and it was no wonder she was crowned Little Miss Maine.
That was then. Now Dara’s seventeen and she’s not so little anymore. So not little, that when her classmates find out about her illustrious resume, their jaws drop. That’s just one of her many problems. Another is that her control-freak mom won’t get off her case about anything. Yet the one that hurts the most is the family secret: Dara has an older sister her parents tried to erase from their lives.
When a disastrously misinterpreted English project lands her in the counselor’s office–and her parents pull her out of school to save face–Dara realizes she has a decision to make. She can keep following the rules and being misunderstood, or she can finally reach out to the sister she’s never met–a sister who lives on a collective goat farm in Massachusetts. Dara chooses B. What follows is a summer of revelations, some heartbreaking, some joyous; of friendship, romance, a local beauty pageant; and choices. And as autumn approaches, Dara finds she may have to let go of everything she’s taken for granted in order to figure out who she really is, and what family really means.

At the beginning I wanted to put this away I wasn't really into the book. I was starting to think it was a typical book where you find you have a long lost sister and you have parents who you hate. But as soon as she got to her sister Rachel's house itt got much better.

Dara the main character was okay and kinda complained about about her weight a lot but it has a lot to with story. Owen was your typical gay guy. And Rachel was okay too.

The plot took a while to get into but in the was good but the ending was predictable. Actually the whole book was kinda predictable .

Overall it was good but predictable

3.5 out of 5

August 12, 2009

Way To Sore To Read

Since swim team started yesterday I have been super sore and tired. So saying that I have not been able to read mainly because I just want to lay down and sleep and eat or I want to lay down and watch t.v.. So the past two days I have only read like 3 chapters that were like 3 pages long. So I don't know when I 'll be able to post again. And feel like reading I think now is the time for that reading slump where you've read so much and just want a break from reading.

And my coach said the soreness should last only week but I think it might be longer for me. And I have to get used to swimming a lot. And running (which I hate greatly) and lifting lots of weights.

Oh and I hate waking up early to get ready for practice at 8.
And one day I don't when this month we have one practice at 7.

The past two days have been sleep,eat,lift weights, sleep, eat and swim eat sleep. In that order all day.

If you feel like knowing right know my abs (which don't really exist),shoulders, thigh,calf and my upper arm all hurt.

Waiting On Wednesday (6)

This weeks pick...................................Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

There were no surprises in Gatlin County. We were pretty much the epicenter of the middle of nowhere.At least, that's what I thought.Turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong.There was a curse.There was a girl.And in the end, there was a grave.Lena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen, and she's struggling to conceal her power and a curse that has haunted her family for generations. But even within the overgrown gardens, murky swamps and crumbling graveyards of the forgotten South, a secret cannot stay hidden forever.Ethan Wate, who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin, is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met. When Lena moves into the town's oldest and most infamous plantation, Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her and determined to uncover the connection between them.In a town with no surprises, one secret could change everything.

For some odd reason lately I have been into books like this which is not my normal type of books.

But I love the idea of this and I have heard its really good.

Now I really wish I had a copy of this

August 10, 2009

Hancock Park by Isabel Kaplan

Becky Miller lives in the best neighborhood, goes to school with the children of movie stars, and has her psychiatrist on speed dial. She may live in the City of Angels, but this sixteen-year-old's life is far from perfect.
By day, Becky navigates the halls of one of L.A.'s most elite schools, where the mean girls are a special breed of mean, and at night, she deals with sparring parents, a grandmother who is man-crazy, and a younger brother, Jack, who answers only to J-zizzy. As Becky's life comes crashing down around her, she struggles to put it back together and learn to grow up while trying to stay sane.
Isabel Kaplan dishes the dirt on the children of Hollywood's elite—from Spago delivered to campus at lunch and shrinks who dole out psychotropic drugs as though they're candy to parent-free parties at the Four Seasons—the lives of Becky and her creator, Isabel Kaplan, are like no other, and yet strangely, just like everyone's.

I thought this book was ok. I didn't really like Becky she complained a lot and was always talking about all these different doctors she had to go to and all the meds she was taking for all these weird disorders she had.

The book was kinda typical I have no friends,my best friend moved away, and parents getting a divorve book. And then she becomes best friends with the popular group and follows them and does some naughty things. And then she the boyfriend who she thought was great and ended up being hoorible. So I didn't really like the plot it was good but not really all that good.

Overall I kinda liked the book but not really

3 out of 5

This is Kinda Like My Last Of Summer

I mean that because starting tomorrow I will start my swimming season. My first as a High Schooler. We have two practices a day ffrom 8-10 am and 4-6:30 pm. Well that takes up a lot of the day. And since I can't drive and my mom is at work in the morning I am having another girl take me to practice in the morning which means I have even less of a day.

Oh and is every day all week. Until School starts. (in almost a month a little less)

And during the school year we have practice every day all week but only after school. Or at least I think. Because I know some other sports practice at like 6 until school starts.

And we have meets during the school week too.

I feel like I have had no summer this year since I was taking summer school all morning. And I have only had 16 days off this summer to do nothing at all. And 9 of those I was on vacation.

Bye-bye summer. Hello swimming and school.

Oh since I am curious what day do you start school again? (if you are still in school)

The One by Ed Dector

She doesn't know the rules.
But a girl like her doesn't need to.

Chloe Gamble knows three things: she's better than the tiny Texas town she grew up in; there's just one person she can trust; and she wants to be famous.

And what Chloe wants...Chloe gets.

I have to say I really liked this. The plot was well thought out and very entertaining. The begining was really interesting and was about why she a career in acting.Then she becomes famous for a not so reason and then is everyone looking for her she gets a job in a movie and is famous. And becomes even more famous when she gets a job in a tv show where she is the main character.That just sounds so easy. I really doubt you can a acting job that easy.
The characters were okay. Chloe seemed to always get what she wanted and was a little demanding but was determined to get what she wanted. The rest were kinda interesting. But I did like how it was told in three different points of view. Nika's Manuscript notes, Chloe as the main narrative and Travis's emails.
Overall this was good and makes me want to read the next in the series. Vip Lounge coming out in December.
4 out of 5 stars

August 09, 2009

In My Mailbox (13)

I had a pretty good week. I got some books for review and I bought some.

For Review: (All from Scholastic or Point)

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf--her wolf--is a chilling presence she can't seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human . . . until the cold makes him shift back again.
Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It's her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human--or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever.

This looks really good and I have read a lot of great reviws.

How To Steal A Car By Pete Hautman

Some girls act out by drinking or doing drugs. Some girls act out by sleeping with guys. Some girls act out by starving themselves or cutting themselves. Some girls act out by being a bitch to other girls.
Not Kelleigh. Kelleigh steals cars.

This looks pretty good. I had never heard of it before I got it in the mail. It also only has like 200 pages altogether with the pages up front too. This comes out in September if you want to know.

Love In The Corner Pocket by Marlene Perez

Chloe is used to seeing all the angles on the table, so she's shocked when Alex turns up at Gino's Pizza and turns her life upside down. Not only does he confuse her and steal her best friend Bridget, but -- perhaps worst of all -- he threatens to beat her at pool.

This looks really cute.

The School For Dangerous Girls by Eliot Schnefer
Hidden oak is a reform school for dangerous girls. But even if it was founded with good intentions, its methods are questionable, as Angela Cardenas discovers within hours of arriving at the isolated campus. The school is structured like a jail, intended to keep the “dangerous” girls in and intruders out. Physical punishment and strange psychological exercises are commonplace. No one really knows what’s going on, but it soon becomes apparent that there is no escape from Hidden Oak. And even if some of the girls have been deemed capable of getting better, the others’ situations have been manipulated so these girls seem even more dangerous than ever, especially to outside eyes. It’s an endless cycle that feeds itself; it’s a dangerous incarcerating institution—and some girls are inmates for life.

I am not sure about this book because I have heard it wasn't the best.

And I received another copy of Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten (hope you don't mind I don't put up cover and summery)

The Bought:

Prohecy Of The Sisters by Michelle Zink

An ancient prophecy divides two sisters-One good...One evil...Who will prevail?Twin sisters Lia and Alice Milthorpe have just become orphans. They have also become enemies. As they discover their roles in a prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other, the girls find themselves entangled in a mystery that involves a tattoo-like mark, their parents' deaths, a boy, a book, and a lifetime of secrets. Lia and Alice don't know whom they can trust.They just know they can't trust each other.

This looks amazing and I have also read a lot of great reviews.

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

Los Angeles is all about the sweet life: hot clubs, cute guys, designer . . . everything. Nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts can't wait to start living it up. She may be in L.A. for an internship, but Jane plans to play as hard as she works, and has enlisted her BFF Scarlett to join in the fun.
When Jane and Scarlett are approached by a producer who wants them to be on his new series, a "reality version of Sex and the City," they can hardly believe their luck. Their own show? Yes, please!
Soon Jane is TV's hottest star. Fame brings more than she ever imagined possible for a girl from Santa Barbara—free designer clothes, the choicest tables at the most exclusive clubs, invites to Hollywood premieres—and she's lapping up the VIP treatment with her eclectic entourage of new pals. But those same friends who are always up for a wild night are also out for a piece of Jane's spotlight.
In a city filled with people chasing after their dreams, it's not long before Jane wakes up to the reality that everyone wants something from her, and nothing is what it seems to be.

I have never seen the Hills or Laguna Beach. But I still want to read the book. It is a lot like the type of books I really love. And I love the cover.

Sorry about all the picture sizes looking weird and way different.

August 07, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday on a Friday (5)

Since I was gone on Wednesday and didn't think about posting this I will post this today.

This week's choice is........................... Tempted by P.C. and Kristen Cast

So…you’d think after banishing an immortal being and a fallen High Priestess, saving Stark’s life, biting Heath, getting a headache from Erik, and almost dying, Zoey Redbird would catch a break. Sadly, a break is not in the House of Night school forecast for the High Priestess in training and her gang. Juggling three guys is anything but a stress reliever, especially when one of them is a sexy Warrior who is so into protecting Zoey that he can sense her emotions. Speaking of stress, the dark force lurking in the tunnels under the Tulsa Depot is spreading, and Zoey is beginning to believe Stevie Rae could be responsible for a lot more than a group of misfit red fledglings. Aphrodite’s visions warn Zoey to stay away from Kalona and his dark allure, but they also show that it is Zoey who has the power to stop the evil immortal. Soon it becomes obvious that Zoey has no choice: if she doesn’t go to Kalona he will exact a fiery vengeance on those closest to her. Will Zoey have the courage to chance losing her life, her heart, and her soul?

I love this series and really want to know how it continues. I love the cover. But it looks different from the rest of the series.

I'm Back from vacation

I am finally back from Niagra Falls (which is very pretty). I had a great time. And as soon as I catch up on my sleep, unpack and a few other things I might give a info on our trip.

Oh And I found a few good books on my counter when I got back. Thanks to my neighbor for watching my cat and her finding my package and bringing it in.

August 01, 2009

In My Mailbox (12)

I got two books this week

The Comeback by Marlene Perez

I was offered a copy the day after my Wow post.

Sophie Donnelly is one half of the most popular and powerful couple in school, until new girl Angie Vogel shows up and compromises everything. Angie steals Sophie's starring role in the school play, and, worse, her super-popular boyfriend. Sophie has been quickly dispatched to social Siberia, but not for long--she'll do anything it takes to make a triumphant comeback.

Celebrity Skin:Fame Unlimited by Liane Bonin

I ordered this from They had it on bargain price and decided to finally get. I had been contamplating for a while to get and when it was on bargain price I had to get it. I just happened to get the last bargain price copy. They have full priced ones too.

This is the exact type of book I love I am so excited to read it. I just need the rest of the sereis but no one has it.

Nowadays, Taylor Christensen is gorgeous, rich, and one of the biggest stars around, but the day Erin Kim met her, Taylor was on the middle school D-list, with the headgear to prove it. Erin, under her own stress from her traditional Koreanborn parents who don't want her to change, was there for Taylor when she needed a friend way back when, and she was there for her when the braces came off and the whole world noticed. Sure, Taylor had the "it" Hollywood was looking for, but someone had to help her deal with the ups and downs of superstardom. Erin didn't mind-especially since it helped her get her mind off some tough problems at home. Through it all, Erin was Taylor's one true friend. But as Erin watches her best friend self-destruct, she knows that telling Taylor the truth about what she's become could end their friendship once and for all.

What did you get this week?

Heartless cover

This is the next book in the pretty little liars series by Sara Shepard that is is amazing and you should definetly read them.

I personaly am not a big fan of the creppy looking doll figures on the covers.

But I can't change it.