August 01, 2009

In My Mailbox (12)

I got two books this week

The Comeback by Marlene Perez

I was offered a copy the day after my Wow post.

Sophie Donnelly is one half of the most popular and powerful couple in school, until new girl Angie Vogel shows up and compromises everything. Angie steals Sophie's starring role in the school play, and, worse, her super-popular boyfriend. Sophie has been quickly dispatched to social Siberia, but not for long--she'll do anything it takes to make a triumphant comeback.

Celebrity Skin:Fame Unlimited by Liane Bonin

I ordered this from They had it on bargain price and decided to finally get. I had been contamplating for a while to get and when it was on bargain price I had to get it. I just happened to get the last bargain price copy. They have full priced ones too.

This is the exact type of book I love I am so excited to read it. I just need the rest of the sereis but no one has it.

Nowadays, Taylor Christensen is gorgeous, rich, and one of the biggest stars around, but the day Erin Kim met her, Taylor was on the middle school D-list, with the headgear to prove it. Erin, under her own stress from her traditional Koreanborn parents who don't want her to change, was there for Taylor when she needed a friend way back when, and she was there for her when the braces came off and the whole world noticed. Sure, Taylor had the "it" Hollywood was looking for, but someone had to help her deal with the ups and downs of superstardom. Erin didn't mind-especially since it helped her get her mind off some tough problems at home. Through it all, Erin was Taylor's one true friend. But as Erin watches her best friend self-destruct, she knows that telling Taylor the truth about what she's become could end their friendship once and for all.

What did you get this week?


Kristen said...

I just love the cover of The Comeback. Looks like a great book. Enjoy both of those this week!

Rebecca said...

Great books you got this week, I'm reading a book by Marlene Perez at the moment which is quite good. Enjoy reading your books.

Bookworm said...

Oooh, I can't wait to read the Comeback!!!

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

I'm dying to read The Comeback!


Eli said...

Oo The comeback looks really good! Great books you got here! Happy reading-- x)