September 03, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday (9)

This week's pick .....................Catwalk: Strike A Pose

The competition heats up at Fashion International High School. Bring it!Sashay, parlay! The design competition at Fashion International High School heats up as each design house struggles to produce its first—and hopefully award-winning—line. Tensions are cropping up in the House of Pashmina, and it’s not clear whether Pashmina and her best friends will weather the runway. They’d better scramble if they want to win a real shot at a fashion career and an all-expenses-paid trip to Florence!
I have seen that a few bloggers have received this and it is released next week. I own the first book Catwalk but have not had a chance to read it yet. So I can't wait to read this series. And maybe if I have this I will finally read catwalk. And these bothe sound really good.


Lizzy said...

This sounds like an interesting read, but I can't get over the shoes on the cover...they bother me for some reason haha. Great pick

Bookworm said...

I got this in the mail last week, and it looks totally cute! I still need to read my copy of Catwalk, but I love the idea of a high school fashion!