December 31, 2009

Challenge of 2009 ( my 100th post)

I only participated in 1 challenge and was succesful in completing it.
I did the 100 books. I wanted to know how many books I could read in a year so at first it was 100 but then it changed to 120 and in July I read 100 and in August 120 both my major goals reached. I was so shocked when I read that much I didn't know I could so much. I am now up to 197 and over halfway in a book. I am really hoping to read 3 books today.

Next year I will try 225 or 250. But I still deciding since I know I have school and high school swim season in August through October which really takes over my life snd don't have that much time to do other things like reading.

1st Book: All American Girl
50th book: Wake
100th book: This Llullaby
120th book: Killer
150 book: Sea Change
Current: The Celebutantes: In the Club

This is my 100th post!!!! And on the last day of the year!!!

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