January 07, 2010

Demon Pricess:Reign Or Shine by Michelle Rowen

As if moving away from your home and trying to fit into a new home isn't enough. Nikki finds out that her long lost father is theking of the Shadowlands and he next heir. She is also a Darklingwhich is half human and half emon. She meets Michael and starts to grow some feelings for him.
( sorry that is not the best that is my own shortened summary)
Review: I thought to begin this book was going to bad and just a typical book. It totally wasn't I actually enjoyed the book.
Nikki was a great main character and kinda leads a life where her father is gone and her mother keeps getting remarried and has to move across the country. She was a tpyical girl falling in love and having friends. She seemed off a little in some way I don't know. Michael sounded like a typical forbbin love.
The plot was pretty good where Nikki finds out she is a demon princess and must become queen because her father is dying. Elizabeth is ruining her life and everyone ios telling Nikki to drink the potion so she forgets everything. The plot was kinda weird though I got lost a few times and forgot if I had read some thing.
Overall it as a good first book in a series and I will most likely read the next one.
4 out 5

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