February 12, 2010

How To Say Goodbye In Robot by Natalie Standiford

New to town, Beatrice is expecting her new best friend to be one of the girls she meets on the first day. But instead, the alphabet conspires to seat her next to Jonah, aka Ghost Boy, a quiet loner who hasn't made a new friend since third grade. Something about him, though, gets to Bea, and soon they form an unexpected friendship. It's not romance, exactly - but it's definitely love. Still, Bea can't quite dispel Jonah's gloom and doom - and as she finds out his family history, she understands why. Can Bea help Jonah? Or is he destined to vanish?

I liked this book. It was kinda weird but it was good.
The characters were good but a little weird. Bea was a good main character but I think she was weird. Jonah was a good male character but was also a little weird.
The plot was good. I think the radio show was weird and some of the people there were weird like the dude who thinks he is from the future. I loved the part where you find out about Jonah having a brothere who he thought was lost. It was a good way to base the last half of the book and I really enjoyed it.
Overall it was a little weird but pretty good.
3.25 out of 5

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