January 01, 2013

My 2013 Goals

So for the last few years I have promised to come back to blogging since I missed it a lot. Even though new year resolutions are hard to actually to do I will try to at least follow through on a few of these.

My first goal (aka my most important)
Publish at least once a month . I have honestly hardly posted int he last few years and this year in a few days is my fifth blogoversery and I would love to revive my blog.

My second goal
Read all the books I own and haven't read even though I have some of them for years. I will be leaving for college this year and would love to read all the books I own before going off to college.

Third Goal (A non bookish goal)
Finish high school with a bang and let college be a new beginning to a hopefully a great college career.

Fourth Goal
Read 150 books this last year I read 140 but I had many distractions so I am hoping this year I can keep up with my last few years reading history. I am hoping in college I have time to read as many books as I like while having good grades and a social life.

This list is ongoing and may change in the future.

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