September 05, 2009

The Lost Summer by Kathyrn Williams

For the past nine years, seventeen year-old Helena Waite has come to summer camp at Southpoint. Each July, the camp and its familiar routines, landmarks, and people have welcomed her back as a Southpoint sister. This year, however, she is returning not as a camper, but as a counselor. The only downside? Her best friend, Katie Bell, is still a camper.
All too quickly, Helena discovers that the innocent world of campfires, sing-alongs, and field days have been pushed aside for late night pranks on the boys' camp and stolen kisses in the hay loft. As she struggles to define herself, Helena begins to lose sight of what made camp special and the friendships that have sustained her for so many years. When Ransome, her longtime crush, becomes a romantic reality, things get even more confusing. It will take a life-threatening accident to show her what she's lost... and found.
Told with honesty and heart, Kathryn Williams' second novel tackles the timeless theme of growing up against the backdrop of summer camp--a place where innocence is safely guarded and sometimes lost .
I loved this book. The charaters were perfect and the plot was really good.
Helena was really good as a main character and don't have any complaints and Katie Bell (is this a name of a character in Harry Potter?) was a good best friend even though you don't get to know her that much and she gets in a fight with Helena.
I thought the writing was very good and had a lot details and you felt like you could understand what was happening.
The one thing I did not like was the ending I felt like it just stopped and you didn't get much information. I wanted to know what happened next but the book like stopped and ended at a really weird place.
Overall it was really good but the ending could have used some more work
4 out 5

September 03, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday (9)

This week's pick .....................Catwalk: Strike A Pose

The competition heats up at Fashion International High School. Bring it!Sashay, parlay! The design competition at Fashion International High School heats up as each design house struggles to produce its first—and hopefully award-winning—line. Tensions are cropping up in the House of Pashmina, and it’s not clear whether Pashmina and her best friends will weather the runway. They’d better scramble if they want to win a real shot at a fashion career and an all-expenses-paid trip to Florence!
I have seen that a few bloggers have received this and it is released next week. I own the first book Catwalk but have not had a chance to read it yet. So I can't wait to read this series. And maybe if I have this I will finally read catwalk. And these bothe sound really good.