January 11, 2013

Blogoversary: 5th Year Edition

Today is my 5th birthday of my blog. I started my blog when I was in 8th grade back in 2009. I started it after studying and constantly looking at several blogs. They inspired me to create my own blog so I did. That year I constantly posted and after that I kind of quite posting. I still followed blogs but remained absent from blogging.

So I am a senior in high school planning my future but I still follow the same blogs I have for years. I would like to promise I will post more but that's a lie. I am just proud of myself to have stayed in the blogging community for 5 years.

I hope I can continue with my blog and make it better than it is now. But thanks for sticking with me even though I hardly post and like to ramble on.

So to another 5 better years.

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