August 10, 2009

This is Kinda Like My Last Of Summer

I mean that because starting tomorrow I will start my swimming season. My first as a High Schooler. We have two practices a day ffrom 8-10 am and 4-6:30 pm. Well that takes up a lot of the day. And since I can't drive and my mom is at work in the morning I am having another girl take me to practice in the morning which means I have even less of a day.

Oh and is every day all week. Until School starts. (in almost a month a little less)

And during the school year we have practice every day all week but only after school. Or at least I think. Because I know some other sports practice at like 6 until school starts.

And we have meets during the school week too.

I feel like I have had no summer this year since I was taking summer school all morning. And I have only had 16 days off this summer to do nothing at all. And 9 of those I was on vacation.

Bye-bye summer. Hello swimming and school.

Oh since I am curious what day do you start school again? (if you are still in school)


Taschima Cullen said...

I start on the 24 T-T

SENIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooT!

Hope. said...

There's this nice law in Michigan that says you can't go back to school until after Labor Day, and that's late this year, so we go back on the eighth of September. I'll be an upperclassmen, woot.

Storyheart said...

Your lucky being in a country where you have pools to train in. In England there are still under 10 fifty metre pools. I remember my sister many many years ago going training at 4am every day. Her son has like her just been in the nationals, and he still starts at 5am 25 years later.
Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing