August 12, 2009

Way To Sore To Read

Since swim team started yesterday I have been super sore and tired. So saying that I have not been able to read mainly because I just want to lay down and sleep and eat or I want to lay down and watch t.v.. So the past two days I have only read like 3 chapters that were like 3 pages long. So I don't know when I 'll be able to post again. And feel like reading I think now is the time for that reading slump where you've read so much and just want a break from reading.

And my coach said the soreness should last only week but I think it might be longer for me. And I have to get used to swimming a lot. And running (which I hate greatly) and lifting lots of weights.

Oh and I hate waking up early to get ready for practice at 8.
And one day I don't when this month we have one practice at 7.

The past two days have been sleep,eat,lift weights, sleep, eat and swim eat sleep. In that order all day.

If you feel like knowing right know my abs (which don't really exist),shoulders, thigh,calf and my upper arm all hurt.

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Storyheart said...

Keep going, it can only get a little worse before getting better