July 26, 2009

Summer Intern by Carrie Karsoyov

To do:
Secure models for photo shoot.
Fetch dry cleaning when it arrives from Paris.
Walk big star's makeup artist's assistant's dog.
Snag invitation to tonight's hot party downtown.
I'm Kira Parker, total fashion junkie. I thought I had it made when I landed a summer internship at Skirt, the preeminent fashion magazine. Ha. Don't get me wrong—working at Skirt, and spending the summer in New York City without my parents, is amazing. But now I'm up against Daphne Hughes, daughter of the magazine's owner. She's already got the guy of my dreams and all the right connections. Now she thinks she'll get the plum position working for the editor in chief without even lifting a diamond-adorned pinky? This catwalk is primed for battle.
Review:I really enjoyed Jet Set by these authors so I thought I would try this one. I was really expecting a book full of snotty characters but Kira the main character is super relatable and is not at all snotty like some of the other characters. She was a great main character but one thing that did bother me was how she was always ready to do extra things and really seemed like a goody two shoes to me even though I know she really wanted to Geniveve's intern. The other characters were okay it had your typical gay guy, the hot guy you like but can't go out with, the snotty mean girl who thinks she is the best, and the guy you are dating who you don't really like because there is another guy you like better who you have.
The plot was kinda similar to Jet Set. They both have major twists that you never expect. I loved the plot though. It was kinda typical work at a fashion magazine book but it had things I have never seen in a book like this. So overall it was a okay book not great but not boring.
3.75 out of 5 stars

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